Why Microbreweries Must Switch to Internet Water

August 23, 2019

Microbreweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour, and technique of brewing. Such breweries are independently owned and produce much smaller amounts of beer as compared to large-scale corporate breweries.

Overview of Microbreweries

Most will agree that water is the key underlying ingredient in a microbrewery. The consistency in water quality is most important in maintaining consistent quality of the end product, which is beer.

There is a famous saying “vaani aur paani har 100 km mein badalta hai” which means that in India, there is a difference in language and quality of water every 100 kms.

In civic areas, water supplied by the municipality is often insufficient to run a water purifier for commercial operations and needs to be supplemented with tanker supplies. This mixing of water results in varying consistency and quality, both in taste and in purity.      

Presently, microbreweries have no option other than investing in a RO plant to bring TDS levels within prescribed limits in a bid to control the taste of the beer. By investing in a commercial RO plant, it is commonly assumed that pathogens in water are also eliminated. This is often far from the truth. Owners of microbreweries who are better versed with the working of a commercial RO system know that RO membranes can become a breeding ground for pathogens that cross over to the permeate over time, contaminating it. Thus, very often a UV+ RO commercial system is installed.

Even with this, there is no certain way to tell if the water is free of pathogens, as many variables determine if the UV is working efficiently or not. Microbreweries, therefore, must check water samples from batch to batch.

Against this backdrop, imagine a scenario where not only the TDS level, but also the microbiological purity of water is monitored 24x7 and is reported to the microbrewery in real-time, taking the lid off uncertainty, and the need to check water samples from batch to batch.

Full proof Solution

Presenting Cloudtap, a RO+UV commercial water purification solution powered by the internet and AI which gives microbreweries an uninterrupted supply of absolutely pure water 24x7 and reports purity and performance in real-time. Cloudtap uses round the clock internet monitored water purification plants that combine multiple purification processes including reverse osmosis and ultraviolet treatment along with extensive sensors to monitor critical operating parameters in real-time so that the user gets the purest water always.  

The Cloudtap purification plant with sensors continuously monitors vital water quality parameters and plant performance and sends this data to the internet-based Cloudtap engine.  

The Cloudtap engine sends this data to an AI system that receives data from the plant and analyses it to ensure the water is absolutely pure. It even detects minor abnormalities that signify potential problems in the making. This results in predictive maintenance being carried out by the Cloudtap service team and eliminates the possibility of a breakdown in the future.

For the very first time, it is also possible to remotely monitor the water quality and purity of all Cloudtap installations using a centralized dashboard from the palm of one’s hand. 

Cloudtap comes with a Triple Zero Assurance to enhance every user’s experience – Zero Pathogens, Zero Downtime, and Zero Capex & Maintenance.

Zero Pathogens

Cloudtap’s is the only solution in the market today that provides sensors to ensure not only the physical and chemical contaminant removal from the water, but also microbiological contamination, using its proprietary PRISM technology. PRISM ensures that purity of water meets USFDA and EPA guidelines of disinfection. Further, real-time location-wise water purity data of any Cloudtap installation is readily available to the user on their smartphone, 24X7.

Zero Downtime

Cloudtap has been designed from the ground up to fully harness the power of the internet. Data collected from each Cloudtap purification plant installation is analysed by our artificial intelligence-based deep learning algorithms. These algorithms predict potential breakdowns before they ever occur. This timely intervention prevents downtime and delays, which result in time and revenue loss for the establishment.

Zero Capex & Maintenance

Cloudtap follows a subscription model without any CAPEX. This helps the buyer take a faster and simpler decision. A huge benefit is that the buyer does not have to invest additionally in spares, consumables, and maintenance; a very common bone of contention between the buyer and seller. This makes the transaction hassle-free and allows the business to focus on driving revenue rather than worrying about buying, operating, and maintaining a water purification plant.

In Conclusion

For a microbrewery that values its ability to produce high-quality craft beer sold at a premium, it is best not to take any chances with water, a vital ingredient in the brewing process. Leaving water quality and assurance of purity to Cloudtap may be the best way to deal with this sensitive subject, leaving the microbrewery to do what it is best at: producing quality beer.

Cloudtap. Internet Water. Purest Water.


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