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Cloudtap Internet Water for consumer

The permutations and combinations that make a commercial water purification plant in such a highly fragmented industry are endless. Business owners choose purification plants for their commercial establishment without an adequate technical proficiency of the product, which eventually puts them in a vulnerable place.

Unfortunately, process failures in such equipment are far too common that eventually lead to the consumption of unsafe water without the knowledge of the establishment’s authorities. Since microbes are invisible, the consumer has no way of knowing if the treated water is safe or not and has to depend on the verbal assurances and reputation of the seller.

Furthermore, frequent breakdowns, uncontrolled response time, inadequate technical knowledge, and the need for constant maintenance result in downtime, unforeseen expenses and loss of credibility and revenue.

Cloudtap Internet Water -RO UV water purifier

In a fragmented industry with over 2000 RO assemblers, sellers face tough competition and are often forced to compromise on materials and workmanship in order to get the business.

The result? Often an ill sized system that’s designed with poor understanding and knowledge in order to 'fit’ the buyer’s budget. Later, frequent breakdowns and expensive component replacements plague the buyer.

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