How It Works

Cloudtap Water Purification System

The Cloudtap purification plant with sensors continuously monitors the vital water quality parameters and plant performance and sends this data to the internet based Cloudtap Engine.

Cloudtap AI system

The Cloudtap engine sends this data to our AI system which receives data from the plant and analyses it to ensure the water is absolutely pure. It even detects minor abnormalities which signify potential problems in the making.

Cloudtap Water Purification Process

Performance alerts detected by the AI system are automatically routed to the nearest field support engineering team based on his GPS location via the Cloudtap engine. Faults or even potential faults are resolved before they lead to a breakdown.


Customers have 24x7 access to Cloudtap's online dashboard where he can check the water purity and plant performance of all his Cloudtap installations.

At the heart of the Cloudtap is an extensive purification process which is extensively powered by technology. It ensures that customers get the cleanest water possible without ever having to doubt its quality.


Sediment Filtration

Cloudtap uses fully automatic and intelligent self-cleaning filters which detect dirt build-up and automatically clean themselves.

Cloudtap_ Carbon

Carbon Filtration

Cloudtap uses data from its integrated flow measurement sensors to accurately plan the replacement of the specially treated carbon media used for adsorbing colour, odor, and other organic impurities.

Cloudtap_Fine _filtration

Fine Filtration

Cloudtap uses high quality sediment filters to trap finer dust and sediment particles larger than 5 microns in size. Our AI based systems can predict when the filters are going to choke and automatically trigger a service call to ensure they are replaced before a plant shutdown.


RO Treatment

Using a combination of sensors and proprietary algorithms, Cloudtap ensures that the reverse osmosis membrane is working at its most optimized setting and continuously checks for ruptures in the membrane which often results in impure water making its way through the system. This prevents harmful contaminants like microbes, heavy metals, pesticides, and other salts from passing through the system.Our systems further ensure that all membrane operating parameters are within specified ranges preventing unnecessary wastage of water.


UV Disinfection Treatment

Cloudtap installations utilize high intensity UV disinfection systems along with validated pathogen removal monitoring systems (PRISM Technology) to ensure absolutely safe treated water. This monitoring system is as per German DVGW and US EPA standard and is normally found only in high end critical applications in the pharmaceutical and bottled water industries.

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