What is Internet Water?

July 15, 2019


If your eyebrows were raised on hearing the term ‘Internet Water’, then this blog will help you get a clear perspective.

Would you believe it if your bestie tells you that she visited a casual diner where they were serving ‘Internet Water’? Your immediate reaction would be full of astonishment. Had it not been your dear friend, you would not go ahead and tap on your favorite browser for more information. So, let us help you to clear some air.

Simply IoT (Internet of Things)

To understand where I’m going with this, let’s see a simple example of smart wearable. This wearable helps the user to track the number of miles walked, heart rate, sleep patterns, etc on their smartphones dashboard which later enables them to take a proactive approach towards their health. This potential to track such activities is possible due to the Internet. Otherwise, it would just be a chunk of metal on your wrist.

In a nutshell, when any electronic device is connected to the internet, that means it can send or receive information, or both. This ability to send and/or receive information makes things smart, and smart is good. Internet is much more than just fulfilling your browsing needs.

Internet has made our lives easy because the devices around us are extremely smart to evolve on their own. The wearable device we saw above was one such example, but the Internet has endless avenues to grow into.

For instance, Alexa is in constant touch with lights, TV set, coffee machine, printer and many such devices of one’s household. The sole purpose of IoT is to connect as many devices one owns. These devices are compatible and have built-in (wireless) connectivity so that they can be connected to the Internet and can exchange data. Any device that can receive and send these signals will come under this revolutionized umbrella.  Yes, we are talking about real-life scenarios and not some sci-fi movies.

At heart, IoT collectively increases the output of data from devices. This data can be further used for chalking out strategies, but as they are huge in size, AI (Artificial intelligence) comes into the picture. Also, AI would analyze the same data provided by IoT for precise answers.

Bringing certainty to Purity of Water - A Solution

It’s 2019, and any complex machinery which fails or breaks down would still require an ample amount of time to get back in shape. Let's take the case of a commercial water purifier installed in a restaurant.  For example, a breakdown or failure in the water purification system will result in a shortage of purified drinking water and bring the restaurant to a standstill.
And this breakdown is only noticed after the output of water has come down to a trickle or has completely stopped. So, in short, there are challenges of maintaining traditional commercial RO systems.

However, While the reduced quantity of water coming through is visible, the purity of water coming through the system was never validated which raises a huge question about its safety in the first place. There was never any way to be 100% sure about the purity of water coming through. This is not the case with restaurants alone but any organization that uses a water purification system to serve drinking water for its end-users and employees, be it offices, schools, factories, etc.

Here, Internet Water can be mightily helpful, as it helps ascertain the purity of water 24/7. Thus, let’s look at what Internet Water is, how it is helpful, and why you should choose Internet Water.

Introducing CLOUDTAP,  India’s first Internet Water.

Cloudtap, a commercial RO+ UV water purification system, once connected to the internet will allow a flow of crucial operating and quality parameters to a cloud, where analysis of this data takes place.

For example, if data regarding lurking pathogens in the water are tracked by special sensors, we get real-time information about this impurity, making it possible to take immediate corrective actions. This sending and receiving of data using the internet allows for “real-time” monitoring and keeps the user and the backend team updated.

In Cloudtap, we have carefully placed 15 sensors to track the flow and purity of water. In addition, these sensors also detect degradation of parts including crucial components such as the RO membrane and the UV lamp. Overall, CLOUDTAP’s job is to keep a close eye on the purity of the final product - water! And to ensure that every drop of water coming from the system is 100% pure.

After these sensors have collected the data, the internet will carry this data to the cloud. Where AI (Artificial Intelligence) shall crunch the data and analyze it. Cloudtap will receive notifications making it possible to carry out predictive measures at the customer end, even before actual failures take place! And the customer is also duly informed at his or her end about the purity of water in real-time. Yes, you heard it right!


Cloudtap, India’s first and only Internet Water, promises you 100 % purity 24x7x365 and Zero Downtime! For a consumer, this means two things - 24x7 purity you can monitor, and no loss of revenues from failures and breakdowns. The icing on the cake is that there is no capital expenditure where Cloudtap is concerned, just pay as you use, in easy monthly subscription packages.

To see how Cloudtap, Internet Water, Purest Water has revolutionized the water purification space visit www.cloudtap.in.

- Written By Minakshi Pandey

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