Bottled Water Vs Internet Water for Restaurant Industry

August 14, 2019

As a restaurant owner or manager, your job is to create business goals and look after them. Besides which, you also have to keep an eye on other departments of your business such as managing manpower, building a relationship with your suppliers, or even thinking of expansion. In all this, there is a very important aspect that you simply cannot ignore is the quality of water.
Water used for drinking, for preparation and cooking, and to run coffee machines and ice makers. To make matters easy and uncomplicated, one option that a restaurant owner commonly chooses over commercial RO water purifier is bottled water.

What makes bottled water an easy choice?

Firstly, purchasing bottled water is as easy as shopping for any other product. You can place the order online or could give a quick call to a local distributor for the same. This makes a restaurant owner or manager’s life easy. Secondly, there is a misplaced notion that bottled water is pure and one can trust the quality. 

But is bottled water the BEST choice? 

Probably not. Here’s why. 

Delays in deliveries of bottled water could mean downtime and losses in revenues. Imagine a wet, windy day and flooded streets, a scenario in which climate change is throwing up at more and more frequent intervals. Where would that leave you?

Assuming that you have opted for a reputed brand of bottled water, to begin with, transportation and handling of these bottled water jars (done in less than hygienic conditions) often result in recontamination, especially at the point of use, jeopardising the health and safety of consumers. 

Storage of these bottles is another problem. Often, they are stored in passageways and corridors, compromising on safety in case of an emergency such as a fire. In cities with high real estate costs, each bottle occupies one square foot of space, making it an unproductive use of real estate and an expensive one! 

Adding plastic woes to the environment is something that you would not be proud of. It is estimated that only 9% of all the plastic ever made has been recycled in the world. 

Finally, and probably the most important to a businessman is the cost. Bottled water is an expensive proposition and eats into your profits. Let’s take an example. A typical standalone restaurant would use anywhere between 500 to 1000 LPD of purified water. This would translate into a monthly bill in the range of Rs. 30000 to 60,000!


Cloudtap, a revolutionary commercial RO + UV water purification system which is powered by the Internet gives you a 24x7 uninterrupted flow of pure water along with real-time monitoring of purity.

Here’s how Cloudtap’s Internet Water is better than bottled water.

ZERO Pathogens = Safeguards your customers’ health and your restaurant's reputation

Providing absolutely pure water is a topmost concern of a restaurant and for Cloudtap it is of the utmost priority. Cloudtap’s fail-proof pathogen removal technology (PRISM™) scans the water to eliminate disease-causing pathogens. Each and every drop of water out of the commercial water purifier plant is pure and complies with USFDA and EPA disinfection guidelines. As a restaurant owner, you can check the purity of water from your Cloudtap RO+UV commercial water purification system simply by logging into a dashboard that tracks the installation and purity 24x7. This brings total transparency, total control and total peace of mind.

ZERO Downtime = Smoothly run your restaurant activities

The internet-powered Cloudtap engine analyses data using AI and proactively sends alerts to the Cloudtap service team before a potential breakdown ever occurs. This predictive maintenance ensures that the Cloudtap installation is up and running at all times. The result? An uninterrupted flow of the purest drinking water from the purification system for your restaurant. This also eliminates the tireless chain of communication between you and bottled water suppliers.

ZERO CAPEX and Maintenance = Increased Profits

Against the cost of bottled water which could range between Rs 30,000- Rs 60,000 per month for consumption between 500 and 1000 LPD,  a Cloudtap monthly subscription for a 1000LPD system is only Rs. 4800 !! This whopping saving of 80% +  leaves you with greater profits. A Cloudtap subscription includes the cost of spare parts and maintenance, with no additional hidden charges on your plate.

So switching over to Cloudtap, Internet water makes sense all round. Purity you can trust, no downtime and increased profits. We also help you overcome the challenges of maintaining RO Systems, which can be counted as an additional bonus!
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- Written By Minakshi Pandey

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