Challenges of maintaining RO systems in your Restaurant

June 19, 2019


Amongst businesses, the restaurant & café owners, managers of QSR chains & central kitchens, canteen personnel, and similar business owners in the hospitality industry will find this blog of particular interest.

Water is a critical ingredient in any restaurant business. Purified water is used for drinking, for cooking, for making ice and for mixing into beverages.

Here we talk about the importance of water in this segment; and the criticality of its purity in maintaining health; enhancing the taste of beverages and food; and very importantly in safeguarding the reputation of the brand or owner.

The Problem

Many cities in India today face shortages of potable water supplied by the municipality and rely on groundwater supplied by tankers to fulfill the shortfall. This mixed water often has high levels of dissolved impurities which are beyond permissible limits set by the Bureau of India Standards (BIS).

To make this water potable and to purify it, commercial establishments rely on commercial RO+UV water purification systems which are installed within their premises. Once installed, the owner relies on the verbal assurances given by the seller and has no way of knowing if the water he is getting from the Commercial RO water plant is absolutely and continuously pure. Only when the taste of water changes, which happens when the RO membrane is blocked, does he realize that something is amiss. Since pathogens (bacteria and viruses) are invisible and have no taste, they go unnoticed till someone falls sick.

There are many things that can go wrong in the Commercial RO water plant. There could be bio fouling due to bacteria buildup, and subsequent rupture in the RO membrane; or brittle gaskets and sealings can snap. In both instances, bacteria and other pathogens pass over into the treated water and grow rapidly there, contaminating it.

In addition, RO systems often fail due to consumables being exhausted or prematurely choked. In such an instance the Commercial RO water plant stops giving the normal output or shuts down completely, giving little warning. The restaurant is stuck without water and scrambles to get bottled water as a stopgap. This is a period of stress, unplanned expense, and loss of business for the owner. And this is a very normal scenario in the restaurant business today. Often, to reduce recurring maintenance costs, restaurants rely on unskilled technicians from the unorganized sector who use cheap spares and take shortcuts while fixing the Commercial RO water plant.

After sizeable capital investment in a Commercial RO water plant, the biggest problem today is the total lack of any monitoring system which communicates that the water is absolutely and reliably pure. 100%. This is one of the biggest risk factors for any restaurant today. Something that can adversely affect the health of customers and the reputation of the brand, giving competitors that vital edge in today’s competitive world.

The Solution – Cloudtap

After studying the problems being faced by this vital segment of business, Cloudtap, a revolutionary water purification system powered by the internet and artificial intelligence, is here to put an end to the problems described above.

Cloudtap is the next gen RO + UV purification system capable of providing an uninterrupted and assured supply of the purest drinking water, monitored 24x7 and reporting purity and performance in real time. To address the concerns of the industry, Cloudtap comes with a Triple Zero Assurance, which removes all the pain areas of traditional Commercial RO water plants.

Zero Pathogens

Cloudtap is fitted with intelligent sensors to continuously monitor all performance parameters. One critical intervention: “PRISM” scans the purity levels continuously to ensure that only the purest water passes beyond the Commercial RO water plant. This proprietary PRISM technology is what makes Cloudtap unique and fail proof. The performance data is sent to a cloud where the data is crunched and analyzed by AI. In case of any performance drops and impending problems, alerts are triggered to service centres and technicians reach well in time with the necessary knowledge and spares to rectify the problem before an unplanned stoppage or breakdown can take place. A huge advantage is that any Cloudtap user is able to check the purity of all his Cloudtap installations (even in the case of multiple locations) on an easy to read dashboard on his smart phone or computer.

Zero Downtime

The fact that only predictive maintenance is carried out, rules out stoppages and downtime which are the result of sudden breakdowns, delays in attending to the call or waiting for spare parts. The result: Zero Downtime, without losses in time, business and revenues.

Zero Capex and Zero Maintenance

Cloudtap is a revolutionary idea and is offered to you in easy, attractive monthly subscription packages. There is absolutely no capital investment, or heavy recurring maintenance costs. Only peace of mind, and a fixed charge every month. So that restaurants can focus on their business and leave the complex task of providing absolutely pure water to Cloudtap.

If you are facing similar problems which are affecting your peace of mind or your profits, call us at Cloudtap and switch to INTERNET WATER, the purest water of all. To join the Cloudtap revolution call:Ms. Vibhuti on +91-22-66612300

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