Next-gen commercial RO+UV water purification service

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Cloudtap 24x7 Water Treatment Systems
Cloudtap 24x7 Water Treatment Systems
Cloudtap Water Purification Process

Internet Powered

Cloudtap uses round the clock internet monitored water purification plants which combine multiple purification processes including reverse osmosis and ultraviolet treatment along with extensive sensors to monitor critical operating parameters in real time, so that you get the purest water always.

How It Works
Cloudtap Water Treatment & Purification

24x7 Purity and

For the very first time, it is possible to remotely monitor water quality and purity of all your Cloudtap installations using Cloudtap’s centralized dashboard from the palm of your hand.

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Our triple-zero assurance

Cloudtap_ Zero_Pathogens

Zero pathogens

Based on USFDA standards, Cloudtap's integrated PRISM technology ensures complete removal of harmful pathogens from the water, ensuring that every drop of water is absolutely pure.


Zero downtime

Realtime data from each Cloudtap installation is analyzed by our artificial intelligence based deep learning algorithms. These algorithms predict potential breakdowns before they ever occur.


Zero CAPEX & Maintenance

Cloudtap works on a subscription model without any CAPEX. A huge benefit is that the buyer does not have to invest additionally in spares, consumables, and maintenance; a very common bone of contention between the buyer and seller.

Internet Technology For Water Purification

With the emergence of new water purification technology, more and more businesses are switching over from traditional commercial water purification systems. Cloudtap is India’s first ‘Internet Water’ purification system that assures you purity in every single drop. Businesses who find it challenging to keep a check on the quality and purity of water at all times can now do so easily with the help of this commercial RO+UV water purification system that offers purity & performance report in real-time.

From lower operations and maintenance costs to zero downtime and higher efficiency, the benefits of Cloudtap installation are many. This makes it a cost-effective solution compared to conventional water treatment processes. Cloudtap is an ideal solution for restaurants and food outlets, retail chains, construction sites, malls, multiplexes, educational institutions, among others. This commercial water purification system also offers 24/7 safe and pure drinking water for all – customers and employees alike, which can help boosts your brand’s credibility.

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Our Customers

Cloudtap is brought to you by Alfaa UV, the company that’s been delivering pathogen free water in the pharma, hospitality, education, corporates and retail industries for decades.

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