Internet Water for Cloud Kitchens

September 20, 2019


What are Cloud Kitchens?

Cloud kitchen is the new buzzword in the food service business. Cloud kitchens are making waves in tier-I and tier-II cities. These satellite kitchens are equipped to provide quick delivery to consumers and are the opposite of dine-in restaurants. Cloud Kitchens rely on internet technology to track food trends and also for the smooth functioning of the entire cloud ecosystem. They are mostly situated in non-prime locations of the city where rentals are lower, and work as centralized food delivery hubs. The emphasis is on the quality of food and speed of delivery. With lower overheads, Cloud Kitchens are expected to generate higher profits.

Challenges Faced by Cloud Kitchens


Water plays a vital role in maintaining hygiene and safety standards in a cloud kitchen. Water is used for drinking, for food preparation, for mixing of beverages and as a feed to water dispensers, ice makers and coffee machines.

Across India, water is of varying quality and varies in consistency. One of the most obvious challenges faced by the food service segment is maintaining the quality of water used in the outlet. This occurs because most of the water used by this segment is of mixed nature and varies on a constant basis. Water provided by civic bodies tends to be insufficient where usage is high. This leaves cloud kitchens with no choice but to supplement with tanker water.

To bring this water of mixed and varying quality within desired limits and completely pathogen-free on a consistent basis, is challenging. Most Cloud Kitchens are forced to invest in a commercial RO water purification system to do this job. In spite of having invested in a RO plant, Cloud Kitchens have no way of knowing that the water is completely pure and have to simply believe that it is doing its job. Further, continuous breakdowns and replacement of spares add to hassles and recurring expenses.


The name “Cloud Kitchen” itself represents that the processes are highly automated. From receiving orders to packaging, automation is used for speedy delivery. Internet technology is the driving force behind running the entire set up.

In such a scenario, if a traditional RO water purification plant malfunctions or stops functioning, this could lead to two things- unhygienic food due to the absence of purified water, and lower productivity with water shortages. To cope up with this situation the kitchen will be forced to resort to bottled water which will increase its water bills.

The Solution – Cloudtap, Internet Water, Purest Water

Cloudtap, a RO+UV commercial water purification solution powered by the internet and Artificial Intelligence gives Cloud Kitchens an uninterrupted supply of absolutely pure water 24x7, and reports purity and performance of Cloudtap installations in every cloud kitchen in real-time.

Cloudtap is the only solution in the market today which provides sensors to ensure not only the physical and chemical contaminant removal from the water, but also microbiological contamination, using its proprietary PRISM technology. PRISM™ ensures that purity of water meets USFDA and EPA guidelines of disinfection.

How Cloudtap Works

The Cloudtap purification plant with sensors continuously monitors vital water quality parameters and plant performance and sends this data to the internet-based Cloudtap engine.

The Cloudtap engine sends this data to an AI system which receives data from the plant and analyses it to ensure the water is absolutely pure. It even detects minor abnormalities which signify potential problems in the making. This results in predictive maintenance being carried out by the Cloudtap team and eliminates the possibility of a breakdown in future.

It is now possible to remotely monitor water quality and purity of all Cloudtap installations using Cloudtap’s centralized dashboard from the palm of one’s hand. Users have 24x7 access to Cloudtap's online dashboard where they can check the water purity and plant performance of all their Cloudtap installations. This is of immense advantage to cloud kitchens whose outlets are spread across different locations.

Cloudtap’s Triple Zero Assurance*

Cloudtap comes with a Triple Zero Assurance – Zero Pathogens, Zero Downtime and Zero Maintenance.


Cloudtap uses its proprietary PRISM technology to completely eliminate disease-causing pathogens from water. PRISM ensures that purity of water meets USFDA and EPA guidelines of disinfection. Further, real-time location-wise water purity data of any Cloudtap installation is readily available to the user on his or her smartphone, 24X7.


Cloudtap has been designed from the ground up to fully harness the power of the internet. Data collected from each Cloudtap installation is analyzed by artificial intelligence-based deep learning algorithms. These algorithms predict potential faults and breakdown before they occur. This timely intervention prevents downtime and delays, which result in revenue losses for the cloud kitchen.


Cloudtap works on a subscription model without any CAPEX. This helps the buyer to take faster decisions. A huge benefit is that the buyer does not have to invest additionally in spares, consumables, and maintenance; a very common bone of contention between the buyer and seller. This effectively reduces water bills and boosts profit margins for the cloud kitchens.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to know more about how Cloudtap, India’s first Internet water, can benefit your Cloud Kitchen, call +91-22-66612300 to speak to the Cloudtap expert.

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- Written By Minakshi Pandey

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