5 Reasons Restaurants Should Consider Before Investing in Internet Water

December 3, 2019

With the growing need to comply with the laws that regulate the hospitality business, restaurant owners are looking for innovative ways through which they can enhance their services. One such need is to make sure that absolutely pure water is available for drinking and the preparation of foods & beverages. The quality of water plays a major role in ensuring both health and consistency in the taste of foods and beverages. Thus, if you are a restaurant owner and want to run a successful business, then it pays to invest in a robust commercial water filtration system.

There are many uses of water in the food service business. Thus, ensuring optimal quality and taste of water is of utmost importance. Let’s look at the need for a water purification system in the foodservice business, followed by reasons why restaurants should consider investing in Internet Water.

A] Need For A Water Purification System In Restaurants

Like mentioned above, there is a large daily demand for water in the food service industry. From drinking water to water used for cooking and the preparation of beverages and ice, business owners can no longer ignore the vital fact that water purification systems for restaurants are of great importance.

  • Drinking: Offering clean and pure drinking water to customers/guests/employees is one of the basic fundamentals required from all restaurants and hotels. Purified water not only tastes better, but it is also odour-free and prevents the risk of water-borne diseases. It offers your guests a superior experience when they eat or stay at your establishment. It also helps ensure the good health of your employees, thus reducing ‘sick leaves’ and improving the overall productivity at work.
  • Foods and Beverages: Another benefit of a water purifier for restaurants is it helps enhance the taste and the quality of foods & beverages. Contaminated water or water of varying quality and consistency can alter the taste and impact the quality of food and beverage being served. As such, a water filtration system can help ensure that you are serving your guests' healthy foods & drinks devoid of any impurities and contaminants. It can also be a lucrative investment for Cloud Kitchens and Quick Service Restaurants, wherein maintaining the consistency of the water quality across various locations is imperative.

B] Reasons Restaurants Should Consider Investing in Internet Water

In the food services industry, staying competitive is the top-most priority if you want to grow your business. By adopting new technologies, you are not only improving customer experience, but you are also able to run your establishment efficiently, which help boosts your ROI. Thus, mentioned below are a few reasons why restaurants should consider investing in Cloudtap - Internet Water.

  • Zero Pathogens: Consistency of water quality is one of the challenges faced by all restaurants. With Internet Water, you can set your mind at ease, as it offers you the surety of pure water in every single drop. Cloudtap makes use of PRISM technology, which helps to effectively remove all harmful pathogens. This ensures that the water used in your establishment for drinking, cooking, or other purposes is 100% clean, safe, and pure. All this is possible because of the Internet which allows purity to be monitored 24x7 and report back to you in real-time.
  • Zero Downtime: An advanced water purifier for restaurants - like Cloutap - can also help you deal with potential breakdowns before they become a hassle. Cloudtap has 15 inbuilt sensors which collect vital data about water quality on a continuous basis. This data is then analysed by the Cloudtap engine equipped with AI processors, which can predict potential problems in the making. Predictive maintenance is then carried out way before any failure or breakdown. This helps you save a lot of money on repairs, and also ensures that your restaurant can deliver uninterrupted service 24/7.
  • Real-time Reports on Performance & Purity: The built-in sensors in Cloudtap also enable you to collect real-time data. You can easily access the entire performance and purity report from anywhere and at any time. In the case of several locations spread across various geographies, monitoring water quality at each location is now a reality. This gives your business a competitive edge over your business rivals.
  • Zero Capex and Maintenance: Unlike other water purifiers for commercial use, Cloudtap works on a subscription-based model without any CAPEX or maintenance charges. This makes the transaction between buyers and sellers more straightforward. More importantly, with Cloudtap, you don’t have to invest in additional spares, consumables, and maintenance, which make this next-generation commercial water filtration system a worthy investment.
  • Cost-Effective: When you consider all the above benefits, it makes Cloudtap a cost-effective solution that can help you with all your onsite water challenges. It is easy to operate and maintain. Plus, once installed, Cloudtap can help you reduce your dependency on bottled water, helping you to effectively fight plastic pollution, and save money.


For purification and quality of water, making use of water purification systems for restaurants is important. The water provided at a commercial establishment needs to not only be clean and pure, but it also needs to taste good. This helps you deliver superior services, which help boosts your revenue.

Cloudtap - Internet Water, with its next-gen technology, is a top-class water purification system for businesses in the food services sector. It offers you outstanding features that make it the best water purifier for hotels and restaurants in India. Thus, if you want purest and tastiest of water devoid of all harmful pathogens, then Cloudtap is the way forward.

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