Discover How Internet Water Can Cut Water Wastage

December 27, 2019

In the food service industry, water is used for a variety of purposes from cooking and drinking to dish-washing, cleaning, and more. It is estimated that the daily water usage in restaurants is about 25,000 gallons, which is huge! This estimate, however, doesn’t take into account wasted water through leaky faucets and pipes, continuous washing of hands in the kitchen, half-consumed glasses/bottles of water, etc. Thus, when put into the perspective of how much water is wasted, the amount can translate into millions of gallons of water per day.

One of the best ways restaurants can cut water wastage is by switching to Internet Water. This will help avoid unnecessary wastage of water. More importantly, it will help to effectively deal with problems related to traditional commercial RO water systems in restaurants. What are these problems? Let’s find out!

A] Problems Associated With Traditional Commercial RO Water Systems in Restaurants

  • Fluctuating TDS: Restaurants that make use of both civic and tanker supplies of water for their establishment often face the issue of fluctuating TDS levels in the water. Depending on the source of water, there may be a significant difference in TDS levels, which traditional commercial RO systems may not be able to measure and monitor. This not only leads to health risk as purification is often compromised, but it also leads to water wastage when TDS levels are low and don’t necessarily warrant RO treatment.
  • Water Wastage: RO reject water can be as high as 60-80%. This leads to thousands of liters of water being wasted every day, when RO treatment may not, in fact, be required. Thus, making the switch to newer technology for water conservation is important if restaurants want to reduce water waste.
  • Pathogen Removal: RO membranes primarily help reduce TDS levels and assist with pathogen reduction to a certain extent. However, the main job of the RO membrane is to reduce TDS and not pathogens. In fact, it is well known that membranes often get choked with pathogens, which promotes further breeding within the RO membrane. This could cause health hazards, as water contaminated with pathogens can lead to disease outbreaks ranging from mild, severe, to fatal.
  • Inflated Water Bills: As seen above, RO water waste is estimated to be up to 80%. So, irrespective of whether you are using water for your establishment or it going down the drain, you still end up paying a hefty water bill. This could change if you make the transition to smart water management technologies like AI and IoT, which will help you to not only conserve water but also reduce your water bill.

B] How Internet Water Can Cut Water Wastage ?

Traditional standalone commercial RO water systems have served the purpose of offering purified water for a long time. But, with changing times, and the availability of Internet Technology, making a switch to smart ways of water purification can help ensure that the water quality across all establishments, in different locations, are monitored in real-time.

Apart from maintaining purity and TDS levels, IoT enabled water purification (fitted with sensors which scan water and send data to a cloud computing unit) can monitor TDS levels and automatically switch to other technologies such as UV if the TDS level drops to within acceptable or pre-determined levels. This results in reduction of water wastage due to adoption of the correct technology on demand. Reduction in water usage means an increase in savings. These savings can then be used by the restaurant to improve other areas of their business, which will help them grow.

C) Introducing Cloudtap. Internet Water. Purest Water.

Cloudtap, India’s first Internet Water, is a revolutionary RO+UV commercial water purification system powered by Internet Technology and AI to give you a continuous flow of pure water 24x7 and report performance and purity to you in real-time. Absolutely safe water, monitored 24x7, to take away the hassles associated with RO purification.

  • Zero Pathogens: One of the biggest issues that can be easily resolved by switching to Internet Water is the removal of pathogens. With the use of PRISM™ technology, Cloudtap assures you 100% pure water free from all pathogens. Irrespective of the water quality in your restaurant, you can be assured that only pure water is served at your establishment - be it for drinking or for cooking. This will help to significantly improve your customers’ experience while ensuring that they enjoy good health.
  • Automatic Switch To UV for Low TDS: Another strong-point in favor of Cloudtap is that it automatically switches to UV for low TDS, which helps to reduce water waste considerably. This is accomplished by Cloudtap’s special internet-powered sensors that help detect low TDS levels in real-time. This helps restaurants to save gallons of water every day, effectively curbing the problem of wasted water. What’s more, by saving water, restaurants can lower their water bill, which is a win-win situation all-around.
  • Triple Zero Assurance: As a revolutionary RO+UV commercial water purification system, Cloudtap also offers you Triple Zero Assurance, i.e. zero pathogens, zero downtime, and zero CAPEX & maintenance. It not only helps you to cut water wastage, which is important for the environment and the human population at large, but it also provides a powerful water system powered by the Internet that offers 24x7 continuous flow of pure water, without failures and downtime.

Simultaneously, Cloudtap offers reports on the purity of water in real-time. Plus, there is zero maintenance and CAPEX, and you get all these benefits at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional commercial RO water systems.


This sums up the discussion on how to reduce water waste in restaurants by switching to Internet Water. The reasons why restaurants should consider Internet Water are many. Cloudtap is the future of water purification, which can also help you to manage your water resources better. Thus, make the shift to Cloudtap - Internet Water today to reap its many benefits.

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