Smart Water Management Using AI And The Power Of The Internet

October 14, 2019

The largely unregulated and unorganized commercial water purification industry in India, made up of over 2000 players, talks mainly price, with little focus on performance of system and water quality. Artificial Intelligence and the power of the Internet are here to revolutionize the way water purification is perceived, used and serviced.

IoT (Internet of Things) is everywhere. IoT in home automation and monitoring has revolutionized the way gadgets and devices are controlled and used. In the fitness and healthcare industry, IoT technology such as Fitbit and Jawbone Up have been transformative. Wherein transportation Uber is the perfect example of IoT. But can we use AI for smart water management? 

AI can change the future of water purification

Let’s talk about the commercial water purification space in India. Currently, more than 2000 assemblers & manufacturers of commercial RO plants vie for a share of the market. This market is estimated at INR 5000 Cr. The result? A confused and chaotic marketplace where sellers only talk price, and buyers look for the cheapest option. This has led to cut throat competition in a mostly unorganized market, with focus on quality and workmanship sometimes painfully lacking.

Associated problems are breakdowns, frequent repairs and ongoing maintenance. But the biggest problem is that there is no way for the user to know whether the water from the RO plant is reliably pure. The very purpose for which a purification system is purchased is never realized. Moreover, degradation of critical parts within the RO plant remain hidden and undetected. And contaminated water which is understood to be safe and pure, puts consumer's health at grave risk. Finally, when enough is enough, these parts give way and the water purification system comes to a grinding halt. This results in shutdown. Can Internet of things and AI used in the water purification space rectify these problems? Can internet water be the solution? Let’s see. 

Advantages for early adopters of Internet Water

It is apparent that there is a crying need for accuracy and transparency to avoid the above-mentioned problems of breakdowns and frequent repairs. The biggest need is to know whether water being purified by the water purification system, is safe and free of disease-causing pathogens.

Secondly, how wonderful it would be if there was some way of knowing what was happening inside the commercial water purification system and what problems were in the making. So that potential breakdowns of the plant could be prevented. And last but not the least on the wish list of the user is about those ongoing bills for service and spare parts, which erode profits. This is where AI and smart water management can again be successfully applied to rid the user of these problems.

Fortunately, internet technology and AI have stepped in to revolutionize the commercial water purification space. Users in water sensitive segments such as food services, hotels, schools, offices and hospitals now have a fool proof way to ascertain the quality of water being purified in real time, and ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers. The biggest advantage of AI for water is complete transparency over purity of water. Internet water users can also be relieved from ongoing expenses of consumables and spare parts. This is where AI for water makes a difference.

Cloudtap – Internet powered with AI for smart water management

Cloudtap, India’s first and only RO+UV commercial water purification service is powered by the Internet and AI to give you a continuous flow of pure water 24x7, and report performance and purity to you in real-time.

How does Cloudtap’s smart water management work?

The Cloudtap purification plant with sensors continuously monitors vital water quality parameters and plant performance 24x7 and sends this data to the internet based Cloudtap engine. The engine further sends this data to an AI system which receives this data and analyses it, using deep learning proprietary algorithms to ensure that the water is absolutely pure. The Cloudtap AI system even detects minor abnormalities which signify potential problems in the making. Performance alerts detected by the AI system are automatically routed to the nearest field support engineering team based on the GPS location via the Cloudtap engine. Faults or even potential faults are resolved before they lead to a breakdown in the system. To ensure complete transparency, customers have 24x7 access to Cloudtap's online dashboard where they can check water purity and plant performance of all their Cloudtap installations. 

In Conclusion

As the world is getting interconnected, Internet technology with AI can surely enable smart water management for water usage by sectors and give absolute clarity on water. AI for water presents an opportunity for water purification sector to optimize their current systems ensuring that every drop of water is absolutely pure. In return, complete transparency and assured purity are available 24x7 to the user for the very first time, in a capex-free subscription model, bringing both certainty and peace of mind to the user. 

- Written By Minakshi Pandey

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