How To Choose The Right Commercial Water Purifier For Your Franchise Business?

November 11, 2019

From a legal perspective, a franchise business consists of a defined type of license granted by one business owner to another. At its core, franchising is about the relationship between the franchisor and its franchisees and the leveraging of a brand across multiple outlets.

The franchisor licenses its trade name and its operating methods, its system of doing business to a franchisee, and the franchisee agrees, as their part of the deal, to do business according to the terms of the license.

A successful franchisor enforces system standards with franchisees to ensure that customers are satisfied each and every time they visit a franchised location and that centralised systems and standards ensure consistency in delivery and satisfaction levels. Water purification being a very important entity for safety of customers and brand reputation demands special attention. However, choosing the right commercial water purifier for a franchise business can be a task as there are various factors to be the looked upon. Water purification technology, capital expenditure, running costs, after-sales service, and ongoing maintenance costs all need careful evaluation. Most of all, quality of water dispensed by the commercial water purification system should be 100% safe, consistent and reliable.

Here are a few points to consider before choosing a commercial water purifier  :

Check the technology behind water filtration/water purification

Today, many water purification technologies are available. Commercial water purification systems that use multiple steps and integrate RO and UV technologies work best for, TDS and pathogens. In addition, sediment filtration and activated carbon filtration provide effective pre-treatment.

Check to see how water purity and system performance can be monitored

Before investing in a commercial water purification plant for your franchise business,  check to see how purity of water can be monitored, to give you peace of mind and reassurance. There is very little evidence to show that commercial RO plants available today have any foolproof method of validating purity and performance.  Until filters get choked and restrict water supply or taste of water changes, there is no way to know if the commercial water purifier is producing pathogen-free water within prescribed TDS levels.


Fortunately, the internet and the use of AI in designing a commercial water purification system is capable of tracking purity of water and system performance in real-time. Cloudtap,  a revolutionary RO+UV commercial water purification system uses internet power and artificial intelligence to monitor purity which is reported back to the franchisee on a 24/7 basis and is easy to check on his smartphone.  This is a very important feature especially when a franchise business is located at multiple locations and the purity of water at each outlet needs to be monitored on a 24/7 basis.


With more than 15 sensors embedded in the Cloudtap  RO+UV water purification system, vital operating data and purity levels are reported to the Cloudtap AI engine, ensuring that only the purest water is available at all times.

Check CAPEX, OPEX and maintenance

Apart from capital expenditure on a RO+UV commercial water purifier, check to see how much you would be spending annually on replacements and spare parts. Add to this,  the time that would be consumed by breakdowns, failures and corresponding downtime. Give this estimate a number and you will be surprised!

Cloudtap, the revolutionary commercial UV+RO water purifier using artificial intelligence predicts potential problems in advance, sets repair into motion before failure to prevent any downtime and loss of revenue to the business. Where capital expenditure and maintenance is concerned, Cloudtap has a unique business model: one in which there is no capex or maintenance but simply a monthly subscription-based on usage. This results in a big saving of time and money and boosts the franchise’s profits significantly.

In Conclusion

There are many technologies and water purifiers available for each type of business. But, the one which straight away clears the above-stated points would be the best fit. Whether the system is wall-mounted or kept on the ground, the commercial water purification system which guarantees the purest water and monitors it constantly would be the best to choose from.

- Written By Minakshi Pandey

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