How IoT (Internet of Things) Can Help Schools Get The Purest Water

October 30, 2019

Children have an extremely sensitive immune system, mostly because their bodies are still developing and adapting to their surroundings. As such, exposure to even slightly impure and contaminated water is likely to cause major health issues amongst school kids. This not only affects the growth and development of the children but also hampers their learning.  Schools, being well aware of this fact, need to understand the importance of safe drinking water and sanitation in schools.

Water is one of the key elements for ensuring the health and vitality of both adults and children. However, while adults are able to determine whether or not the water available from a specific source is safe enough for drinking, school going children are generally incapable of making this decision. Thus, it becomes the duty of the schools to ensure that the available drinking water is pure, to avoid any health issues at a later stage.

When it comes to school kids, their immune system is important. Given that children spend most of their time in schools, it becomes very important for schools to have a suitable water purifier that dispenses safe drinking water in schools.

Why do schools need commercial water purifier?

Since children spend a significant part of the day at school, it becomes imperative for them to stay hydrated throughout the day. But it is largely presumed that water provided by ordinary commercial water purifier is completely safe. Is the water safe to drink? In reality, the situation varies. There could be hidden problems within RO commercial plant that may go unnoticed. It may have membranes which might get exhausted or biofouling may develop due to bacteria build-up. These are one of the many challenges in RO commercial water purifier which go unnoticed until someone falls sick. Hence, it is important for schools to have access to safe drinking water.

Why Internet Technology for water purification?

As mentioned, children have a sensitive immune system. Clean drinking water boosts their performance in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. The importance of clean water for schools is crucial.

A commercial water purification solution with a 24x7 monitoring ability which reports real-time purity and performance is very helpful. At Cloudtap, we harness the power of Internet to get schools the purest water. Due to “real-time” monitoring, we are immediately notified of abnormalities in the commercial water purification system. This ensures complete purity with zero downtime! AI crunches the data which is collected through IoT and Cloudtap engine acts as a facilitator for all water purification activities.

Any diseases caused due to viruses, bacteria and other invisible pathogens can be kept at bay. Finally, a well-functioning commercial water purifier powered by Internet is of great help as it eliminates doubts from the mind of the school authorities. This way school going children not only get clean drinking water but absolutely pure water.

Cloudtap - A Comprehensive Solution for Schools

Each and every drop out of the commercial water purifier will be pure with the help of IoT and AI. In addition to this, Cloudtap’s unique PRISM technology is the game changer as it can deliver pathogen-free water 24x7. This means diseases like cholera, typhoid, and other gastronomical diseases can be prevented.

With the power of the Internet and AI, it has become possible to monitor water quality 24x7 and report purity and performance in real-time. In this age of technology, supreme powers like IoT and AI can help schools get access to safe drinking water. Cloudtap uses round the clock internet-monitored water purification plants which combine multiple purification processes including reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet treatment (UV).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered technology can bring certainty in every drop of water purified. To help AI get intelligent data which it can crunch and analyse, Cloudtap is fitted with intelligent sensors that monitor critical operating parameters in real-time, so that the purest water is delivered to schools always. For the very first time, it is possible to remotely monitor water quality and purity of all internet-connected (Cloudtap) installations using its centralized dashboard from the palm of the hand! To further ensure 100% purity, Cloudtap’s distinct PRISM™ technology scans the water before it is out of the outlet. This technology makes sure each drop of water is the purest and pathogen-free.

In conclusion

With the ever-evolving world, more schools will require a real-time monitoring system that can smartly detect problems in the commercial water purification system and provide safe drinking water in schools. Additionally, Cloudtap comes with Triple ZERO assurance that eliminates pain points of maintaining and servicing the commercial water purification system. All in all, a water purification technology that senses the impurities and technical faults within the water purification system is truly essential.

- Written By Minakshi Pandey

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