Smart Water Management In The Restaurant & Food Service Industry

July 9, 2021

Smart Water Management

Water is an integral part of the foodservice industry. Water is used practically for everything in a restaurant – food preparation, cooking, serving, making ice, mixing beverages, and for a host of other routines such as dishwashing, cleaning, and in toilets. The food service and hospitality industries consume about 15 percent of the total water used in commercial and institutional facilities in India. Hence, smart water management is essential for restaurants and the food service industry.

According to a recent study, conducted by the Tamil Nadu Hotel Association,(TNHA) a typical mid-sized restaurant requires approximately 10,000 liters of freshwater per day to operate. In Restaurants, the primary consumption of water is in the kitchen as most of the activities in the business are dependent on it.

The world has yet to fully realize the harsh consequences of a dwindling water supply, not to mention the effects a water shortage has on agriculture and food industries. Climate change, global warming, and species extinction are merely a few of the environmental issues that the negligence of water can cause. Apart from the environmental hazard, improper water management or any form of water waste can result in significant commercial loss.

 Water Management and its Impact

It is a well-established fact that water consumption is high in a restaurant for several functions. Between cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up, and serving guests, the water bill takes a good chunk out of the monthly budget consistently. There is a high variation in the amount of water that different restaurants use, and costs vary even further than usage since water rates can vary by large amounts across the country.

To add to this, water purification using commercial RO water purifiers in the foodservice industry result in significant water wastage especially in places where there is no need for a RO water purifier in the first place.

As per the latest study by EPA WaterSensethe average estimate is that a typical sit-down restaurant uses 10,000 to 25,000 liters per day with an average of 15,000 liters. A cloud kitchen, on the other hand, uses nearly one-third of this amount. This average of 15,000 liters per day eventually adds up to millions in a year.

This requirement of water is not an easy task to fulfill. A 12,000 liters tanker load can cost about 2,500 to 5,000 INR depending upon the city. This estimate is an expenditure of each day. It adds up forming a large sum of credits on the annual budget. This budget can be reduced by using smart water management.

Limitations of traditional RO water purification systems

    • With RO commercial water purification systems, there is no way to guarantee the levels of water purity. RO systems do not aid in the complete removal of pathogens, and clogged RO membranes can cause bad taste and foul odor in addition to breeding dangerous pathogens. This can have an impact not only on public health and the health of your employees but also on the credibility of your brand, resulting in negative PR.
    • Restaurants that use both municipal and tanker water for their operations frequently face the problem of fluctuating TDS levels in the water. TDS levels may vary significantly depending on the source of water, which traditional commercial RO systems may not be able to measure and monitor. This not only puts people's health at risk because purification is frequently compromised, but it also wastes water when TDS levels are low and don't necessitate RO treatment.
    • Traditional RO commercial water purifier rejects water can range between 60 and 80 percent. This results in thousands of liters of water being wasted every day when RO treatment may not be necessary. Thus, if restaurants want to reduce water waste, they must switch to newer water conservation technology.
    • Traditional RO plants have a high initial investment cost and require a significant budget to cover maintenance costs over time. Not only is this a burden for most businesses, particularly start-ups, but frequent breakdowns may result in delays and unplanned expenses, resulting in tangible and intangible losses for the business owner.
    • Maintaining the quality of the water utilized throughout all of their outlets is one of the most evident problems faced by restaurant segments. This occurs because the majority of the water used by restaurants is of a mixed nature and constantly varies. Water provided by civic bodies is often insufficient in areas where demand is high. This leaves restaurants with the option of supplementing their water supply with tanker water or bottled water.


Cloudtap, India's first Internet Water, is a ground-breaking RO+UV commercial water purification system that uses Internet Technology and AI to provide a continuous flow of pure water 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and reports performance and purity in real-time. To eliminate the inconveniences associated with RO filtration, absolutely safe water is monitored 24/7

The Cloudtap purification plant with sensors continuously monitors vital water quality parameters and plant performance 24x7 and sends this data to the internet-based Cloudtap engine. The engine further sends this data to an AI system that receives this data and analyses it, using deep learning proprietary algorithms to ensure that the water is absolutely pure.

Its AI system even detects minor abnormalities which signify potential problems in the making. Performance alerts detected by the AI system are automatically routed to the nearest field support engineering team based on the GPS location via the Cloudtap engine. Faults or even potential faults are resolved before they lead to a breakdown in the system. To ensure complete transparency, customers have 24x7 access to Cloudtap's online dashboard where they can check water purity and plant performance of all their Cloudtap installations.

Overcoming these problems using Internet Water for smart water management

    • With Cloudtap- A commercial water purifier, you no longer need to be concerned about the consistency of water quality because it guarantees pure water in every drop. Cloudtap employs PRISM technology, which aids in the removal of any dangerous infections. This assures that the water used for drinking, cooking, and other uses in your restaurant is completely clean, safe, and pure. All of this is possible thanks to the Internet, which allows purity to be monitored 24/7 and reported to you in real-time.
    • Internet Water employs internet-powered sensors that detect TDS levels in real-time and can be programmed to maintain TDS levels at a predetermined constant, ensuring consistency in the flavor of foods and beverages. Furthermore, the purity sensors provided ensure complete safety.
    • Apart from maintaining purity and TDS levels, IoT-enabled water purification (equipped with sensors that scan the water and send data to a cloud computing unit) can monitor TDS levels and automatically switch to other technologies such as UV if the TDS level falls to acceptable or pre-determined levels. As a result of the use of the appropriate technology on-demand, water waste is reduced. Savings increase when water usage is reduced. These savings can then be used by the restaurant to improve other aspects of its business, allowing it to expand.
    • An advanced restaurant commercial water purifier, such as Cloutap, can also assist you in dealing with potential breakdowns before they become a hassle. Cloudtap has 15 built-in sensors that continuously collect vital data about water quality. This data is then analyzed by the Cloudtap engine, which is equipped with AI processors and can predict potential problems before they occur. Predictive maintenance is then performed well in advance of any failure or breakdown. This saves you a lot of money on repairs and ensures that your restaurant can provide uninterrupted service 24/7


There are numerous reasons why restaurants should consider smart water management to deal with the challenges of traditional RO systems. Cloudtap - Internet Water, with its cutting-edge technology, is a world-class water purification system for foodservice businesses. It has exceptional features, making it the best commercial water purifier for restaurants in India. Thus, if you want the purest water, free of all harmful pathogens, Cloudtap is the way to go.


- Written By Anushri Jain

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