Cloudtap- Commercial Water Purifier : A Reliable Method for your Cloud Kitchen

June 1, 2021

commercial water purifier

The existence of pizza/burger delivery points prevalent worldwide and the custom of tiffin services found in India is proof that the concept of takeaway, without dining, is not new. With the Coronavirus lockdown affecting the restaurant and food industry drastically, cloud kitchens with their food delivery options have boomed in India. And there are signs that this shift towards home-delivered food is here to stay.

What are cloud kitchens and why this sudden growth in the business?

A cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant that has no physical space for dine-in. New terms like virtual kitchens, ghost kitchens, or invisible kitchens which essentially have the same meaning have been coined later. Before the outburst of the COVID 19  pandemic, the contribution by cloud kitchens was estimated to be 20 percent of the food delivery market.

However, with an obligation to reduce nonessential outdoor activities in this battle against the virus, Cloud Kitchens are better suited to the needs of socially distanced customers than traditional dine-in restaurants. The Indian food industry is witnessing a major shift from dining to the delivery business and a key catalyst to this condition is the advent of the pandemic. This growth in business for cloud kitchens comes hand in hand with the profound competition that has to be faced.

How to win over this competition and charm customers?

The business potential observed in cloud kitchens has motivated several nonfunctional restaurants to use this as an opportunity to reach their customers, which increases the intensity of competition in this sector to greater heights. In such conditions, it is primarily important to lure a vast majority of audiences, which can only be achieved by customer loyalty.

With the global pandemic spread all around, hygiene has become the supreme most concern of every individual ordering food online. In such a scenario, just assuring your customers that their food, as well as the packaging, is safe is not enough; cloud kitchens also need to perform on this responsibility. Also, it is a psychological fact that in such crucial times of health dangers, if you are able to confidently provide your customer safe food free from any contamination, and communicate this to them, the chances of your customer loyalty index spiraling upwards is guaranteed.

How can one achieve this healthy cooking environment?

One can get high-quality fruits and vegetables, best ingredients to prepare food, but contaminated or ill-treated water used in cooking can spoil its health value as well as its taste. This is where a proper installation of a RO commercial water purifier plays a major role.

Most commercial kitchens install a commercial RO water purification system without understanding the intricacies of the process. They have been assured of pure water by the seller but without any guarantees. There are many ifs and buts and fine print which protect the seller rather than the buyer. Without their realization, Cloud Kitchen owners may have unwittingly invited more problems than solutions.

For example, is there any way of being assured about the purity of water in real-time? Is there any way of being notified if the purified water fails to meet desired standards? Is there any warning about critical parts that may be on the verge of breaking down and putting your business and the customers’ health at grave risk? In traditional RO water purifiers, these elements are simply missing. There are more drawbacks vs benefits in these RO water purifiers. And if you happen to be the owner of a chain of cloud kitchens, is there any way to monitor the performance of the RO water purification systems at various locations? Certainly not, unless you physically check the quality of water in each of these locations.

The worst problem faced generally with an RO commercial water purifier or even RO+ UV commercial water purifier, is that you absolutely do not know when servicing of the machine is due. This, as mentioned before may lead to sudden failures and breakdowns, severely compromising food hygiene and quality.  The unclean preparation of food in cloud kitchens may lead to customers falling sick and losing their faith in the said cloud kitchen.

In this era where the world is on the internet, only Internet technology can offer a full-proof technique in maintaining water quality and safety. This can help you win the customers’ trust, a good name in the market, as well as a proper solution to this problem of growing competitors in the business of cloud kitchens.

Why is only CLOUDTAP the ultimate solution?

Cloudtap –Internet Water, utilizes the combined power of AI (Artificial intelligence) and the Internet to help your cloud kitchens with smart water management in line with digital changes sweeping the world. This can function majorly in solving any problems related to impure or inconsistent water quality in your kitchen.

Cloudtap- a commercial water purifier offers a simple but highly technical solution that combines various water purification technologies to always guarantee safe drinking water.  The combination of assured purity, no downtime, and online monitoring 24x7, make it a unique and path-breaking idea offering financial viability and complete peace of mind to the business owner. At the heart of Cloudtap is an extensive purification process that is extensively powered by technology. It ensures that customers get the cleanest water possible without ever having to doubt its quality.  In these days of water-saving awareness drives, Cloudtap ensures that the right technology is used for water purification, reducing water wastage to a large extent.

With Cloudtap, cloud kitchens can be assured of a 24/7 uninterrupted supply of pure and consistent water, which will ensure optimum hygiene and clean water across all outlets and be reported back to you in real-time.  Since Cloudtap water purifier incorporates RO +UV processes along with sensor technology, it is possible to set water to pre-determined TDS levels, irrespective of the input quality so that the taste and safety of foods and beverages are never compromised.

During these times of a highly competitive environment which demands utmost purity and hygiene,  Cloudtap - Internet Water will help your kitchens maintain consistency in food by providing 24/7 pathogen-free, clean and pure water so that restaurants and Cloud kitchens can deliver the best quality food to their consumers.

Cloudtap commercial water purifier is a revolutionary approach to water purification brought to you by Alfaa UV, the pioneers and leaders in water and air disinfection solutions.

So ride the technology wave to be a winner in these unprecedented times. Adopt Internet technology in water treatment along with other digital initiatives. And proudly tell your customers about the length you go to see that they have the purest, safest, and most hygienic food delivered to them. To know more about how Cloudtap can help your business, please give us a call on +91-9321005309 or write to us: crm@cloudtap.in


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