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May 14, 2021

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According to the World Bank, unsafe water is responsible for 21 percent of communicable diseases in India. According to the World Health Organization, providing healthy drinking water is critical to protecting human health during infectious disease outbreaks, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (WHO). Furthermore, studies have revealed that the COVID-19 virus can survive in water and sewage.

To prevent human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus, communities, healthcare facilities, hotels, marketplaces, restaurants, and schools must have consistent access to purified drinking water. A well-hydrated workforce is a happy one. Coffee, tea, and energy drinks are all popular in many workplaces, but they are not required. Everyone, including commercial entities and businesses, requires access to clean, a commercial water purifier, especially where the source of water is mixed or unknown.


CLOUD KITCHENS: The restaurant industry has seen an increase in demand for delivery-only services as a result of the current lockdown. Because of the growing popularity of online food delivery, restaurant owners have been able to shift their operations to ghost kitchens. Existing ghost kitchen businesses are also increasing operational efficiency to meet the increased demand for proper food delivery. However, given the risk of Covid-19 transmission, cloud kitchens must take all necessary precautions when delivering food to customers.

Rest assured that Cloud Kitchens would not compromise on hygiene or safety standards. Businesses must have a valid Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license to run a Cloud Kitchen. Installation of commercial water purifiers and consistent water quality are two other major precautionary measures that must be strictly controlled in a Cloud Kitchen.

RESTAURANTS: In a restaurant, the quality of the water affects the quality of the food. Furthermore, the food industry must ensure that its consumers receive clean and healthy food as well as clean and pure water. It is a serious offense to violate these basic safety requirements, putting the lives of their customers at risk.

WORKPLACES: Employee wellbeing is a significant factor that influences productivity. As a result, the company's overall success is impacted. As a result, it is important to ensure that they have a commercial water purifier to maintain their work satisfaction and wellbeing.

EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES: For students, educational institutions become a second home where they spend the bulk of their waking hours. As a result, maintaining their wellbeing should be one of the management's highest priorities. Thus, a commercial water purifier must be installed to ensure that the students obtain clean and healthy drinking water.

HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: Several medical procedures necessitate the use of ultra-pure water. It is not only moral, but it also has the potential to save lives. As a result, commercial RO is in high demand in these areas. Furthermore, they improve the hospital's safety and quality requirements.



While RO water purifiers remove dissolved materials and pollutants, their long-term effectiveness against microorganisms is questioned.  Since RO membranes reduce more than 90% of TDS in water, WHO warns that drinking reverse osmosis (RO) water for even a few months may cause severe side effects. The following are a few of the disadvantages:

Although a RO water purifier removes dissolved impurities, it also removes natural minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, and sodium, which are essential for human health and can lead to a mineral deficiency.

RO water purifiers do not destroy disease-causing bacteria and viruses found in water. Microorganisms have a high chance of passing through the RO membrane (It is advisable to pass RO water through the UV water purifier to treat microorganisms

When natural minerals are extracted, water becomes de-mineralized, affecting the taste and making it tasteless. RO water purifiers take too long to purify water.

As compared to UV water purifiers, RO water purifiers are more expensive.

In a traditional RO water purifier, there is no system in place to determine breakage or rupture of RO membrane. Chlorine can harm the membrane of a RO system. Chlorine clogs the small pores of the RO membrane, resulting in a significant reduction in results. As the membrane breaks, dissolved salts, bacteria, and viruses can easily move through. It is recommended that the RO membrane be replaced once a year.

Also, although most establishments have a traditional RO system on-site, there has always been a question about the consistency and purity of water with a traditional RO system.

As a result, Cloudtap, India's first Internet water, could be a perfect solution, as it provides pathogen-free water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring purity in every drop.


Cloudtap, a commercial RO+UV water purification system, combines the power of AI and the Internet of Things to assist commercial businesses with smart water management. Cloudtap, a commercial water purifier, provides a constant supply of pure water and real-time output and a purity report.

Commercial organizations may rely on Cloudtap for a continuous supply of pure and reliable water 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring optimal hygiene and clean water. Customers have access to Cloudtap's online dashboard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where they can track the water purity and plant efficiency of all their Cloudtap installations.

Cloudtap also provides the Double Zero advantage

It employs PRISM technology to eliminate harmful pathogens, ensuring that its vow of "purity in every drop" is kept and guarantees Zero Pathogens

AI-based deep learning algorithms provide real-time data on purity and efficiency and the ability to predict possible breakdowns before they occur. As a result, all Cloudtap installations would have Zero downtime.

A comprehensive purification process is at the core of the Cloudtap – Commercial water Purifier, which is heavily reliant on technology. It guarantees that customers receive the purest water possible without ever having to question its consistency.

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