Internet Water: A New Way To Safeguard Health and Save Money

February 29, 2020

Internet water

The exponential growth in the population goes hand-in-hand with water shortages, and the rising demand for clean and safe water has put a toll on an already finite and scarce resource. Apart from individuals, this has seriously affected the commercial sector worldwide. Also, the quality of water has diminished over the years, which has further exacerbated the situation.

In India, these factors have led to the widespread use of RO plants being installed by commercial establishments in a bid to control quality. Because of the varying water quality and associated TDS levels, especially in areas beyond municipal limits in cities and towns, the use of RO plants has mushroomed to unimaginable proportions.

Assembling of RO plants has become a cottage industry with very poor quality control and/or after-sales service. There is intense competition in the RO business with the main differentiator being price. Very little understanding on the part of both buyer and seller often exists with regard to design, operation and after-sales service of these commercial RO water purification plants


In such a scenario, if commercial establishments want to effectively deal with the many water-related problems they face, then switching to Internet Water – a RO+UV water purification system powered by the Internet and AI is the best way forward.


Here is a quick overview of the several water-related problems commercial establishments face, and how Cloudtap Internet Water can help solve these problems while safeguarding health and saving money.


A] What Water-Related Problems Do Commercial Establishments Face?

  • Doubts About Water Quality

    To cope with water scarcity problems, many commercial establishments depend on both municipal water as well as tankers for their daily water needs. This has raised serious doubts about water quality in commercial establishments, as it is difficult to monitor the fluctuating TDS levels in the mixed source. Also, traditional RO water purifier for commercial use is not effective in entirely removing pathogens or controlling TDS, and all these factors if not dealt with effectively, can invariably lead to many health risks.
  • High Cost of Bottled Water

    Poor water quality has also led to an increase in commercial establishments’ dependency on bottled water assuming it to be safe, which is not always the case. Moreover, bottled water is not only expensive but also adds to the operation cost. Very importantly, this leads to environmental issues caused by plastic pollution.
  • High Capital Investment of RO Plant

    Another area of concern for most commercial establishments is the high capital investment of a RO plant. This could be a burden, especially for start-ups. Also, businesses need a significant budget to maintain the RO plant, which adds on to the ever-increasing expenses.
  • Recurring Costs of Spares and Maintenance

    Traditional commercial water purification systems(RO plant) also require a substantial budget to cover the recurring costs of spares, consumables, indirect expenses (repair equipment costs), periodic overhaul, etc. Maintenance is an ongoing process to ensure that the equipment is performing optimally. This further escalates the operating costs while lowering the profit margins of the establishment.
  • Failure and Downtime

    Potential breakdowns is another issue that businesses have to face when dealing with a traditional RO water purifier for commercial use. Frequent failures and associated downtime could lead to untimely delays as well as unplanned expenses. This further leads to tangible and intangible losses for business owners.

B] How Can Internet Water By Cloudtap  Help Solve These Problems?

  • Zero Pathogens

    Apart from monitoring the TDS levels and automatically switching to the required technology (RO or UV), Cloudtap removes all pathogens from water, thereby providing 100% clean, safe, and pure water in your establishment. It can do this through the use of Cloudtap’s ‘PRISM technology’ which constantly scans the water and eliminates disease-causing pathogens.  This ensures purity in every single drop, which is monitored 24x7 through sensor technology and reported back in real-time by the power of the internet.
  • Cost-effective Solution

    From eliminating delays in deliveries to cutting-down on the need for storage space, Cloudtap’s Internet Water can also help you reduce your dependency on bottled water, thus making it a cost-effective solution. Moreover, apart from saving you a considerable amount of money, it also ensures that the water quality is not compromised, thus effectively safeguarding the health of your customers and employees.
  • Zero CAPEX

    One of the biggest benefits of switching over to Internet Water by Cloudtap is Zero CAPEX as it works on a subscription-based model. So, unlike traditional RO plant, you don’t have to worry about the high capital investment, i.e. buying, operating or maintaining a water purification plant, which makes Cloudtap a profitable choice. Also, the subscription-based model helps pave the way to a straightforward transaction between buyers and sellers.
  • Zero Maintenance

    Since Cloudtap works on a subscription-based model, you also don’t have to invest in spares, consumables, and maintenance, as all these are covered in the subscription itself. This, in turn, can help boosts your profit margins.
  • Zero Downtime

    As a smart water management technology that uses IoT and AI, Cloudtap has 15 inbuilt sensors that continuously collect vital data which is then analysed by AI-based algorithms. This helps predict potential breakdowns before it causes a failure or downtime. Predictive maintenance is then carried out, and this timely intervention helps prevent undue delays, thereby delivering uninterrupted service 24/7, which helps reduce revenue loss.



Internet Water is truly a new way to safeguard health and save money. By making the switch from traditional commercial water purification systems to Cloudtap Internet Water, you can have an edge over your competitors as well as eliminate all doubts related to water quality. Also, customers are looking for an enhanced experience when they visit a commercial establishment such as a restaurant, and as such, by switching to Cloudtap, you are sure to boost your brand’s credibility.

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