November 11, 2021

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1. Common Guidelines for school reopening

2020 was not a kind year for anyone, with the negative effects of Covid-19 affecting every industry, including schools. Coronavirus caused many school closures in 2020 for prevention purposes. While many schools are shifting from remote learning to in-person learning, there is still some hesitation among school administrators and educators around the country. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) outlines specific indicators that affect guidelines for reopening schools. These guidelines include key pillars, such as prioritizing the health and safety of students and school personnel (by improving ventilation system and providing safe drinking water with commercial water purifiers) and supporting students’ social, emotional, and mental health.

In-school safety measures to mitigate the spread of infection include wearing masks, physical distancing as best as possible, and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces with UVGI technology. With welcoming students back to the classrooms, administrators and school staff should take recommended actions of updating the ventilation system, systems, and promoting contactless interaction as much as possible. Amenities, such as water fountains, should be temporarily shut down or replaced with a zero-contact commercial water purifier option instead.

2. Health Education and Vaccination for Students, Teachers, and Staff

Administrators must also educate teachers, staff, and families on when to stay home to avoid spreading germs to others and when isolation is required to separate those infected with Covid-19 from those who are not. Knowing the signs and symptoms of Covid-19, as well as what to do if someone becomes ill, is an important part of a reopening strategy. To avoid having to close the entire school, isolate those affected and conduct contract tracing in collaboration with the health department. Encourage students to stay home if they are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Furthermore, as part of the school reopening 2021 strategy, the health and safety of all students are prioritized by encouraging and providing access to vaccinations for those who are eligible. Children aged 12 and up are currently eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine

3. Reopening school: Drinking water concerns and their solutions

Providing students access to clean drinking water gives a healthy alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages. When sugar-sweetened beverages are substituted, it helps to increase students' overall water consumption, maintain hydration. Adequate hydration may also help children and adolescents perform better in school.

“My child is back in school. We understand the need to wear a mask and practice social distancing, but how can we know if the water is safe to drink when the school has been shut down for so long?”

This is a question that many parents have. After closing early and shifting to online learning, school districts across the country are figuring out whether and how to reopen before the year-end. A critical component of school reopening plans may be taking a back seat amid the discussion about social distancing in classrooms and hallways: ensuring that the schools' drinking water infrastructure, which may have been shut down for all of these months, does not expose children to new non-COVID-19 health risks.

When school buildings are not in use, the water in their plumbing stagnates. This stagnation raises a number of public health concerns, particularly when it comes to drinking water such that the children would be susceptible to microorganisms, disinfection byproducts, and lead.

Water fountains and taps are the most common drinking facilities in schools today. We want to be confident that tap water or fountain water is safe for children when we promote it. However, there are times and places where tap water is unsafe to drink. Contaminants in source water can increase the risk of certain cancers and harm reproductive health. The presence of lead in drinking water is also a cause for concern.

Aside from the contaminated tap water with chemicals and bacteria, the water fountain itself is probably covered in germs! Drinking fountains serve as a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If we talk about school fountains, at least hundreds of adults and children interact with the public fountain daily. Many daycare center researchers have discovered that drinking fountains are common carriers of rotavirus, which causes diarrhea. In addition, researchers discovered that the handles on water fountains were the most contaminated surfaces in public schools.

As a result, the drinking fountain at your child's school may not be completely safe due to a variety of factors. There are bacteria and viruses in the structure, and the pipes can become contaminated, affecting the water. Furthermore, children's immune systems are weak, making them vulnerable to a variety of water-borne diseases. In that case, installing a commercial water purifier in schools to provide clean drinking water could be a simple solution.


Commercial water purifiers provide an excellent solution to the problem of large-scale water purification. As a result, they are increasingly being installed in locations where hundreds of gallons of drinking water are required every day. The most important of such places are schools, where children consume a lot of water on a daily basis. With a renewed emphasis on health and hygiene, it is not surprising that most institutions choose high-quality commercial water purifiers for schools to ensure that children have access to safe and healthy drinking water.

Schools need to maintain basic hygiene like keeping classrooms clean, providing clean & pure drinking water, and maintaining proper sanitation. Drinking water directly affects students’ health & wellbeing; therefore, it is essential that every school must have RO commercial water purifier installed within their premises.

Unlike adults, children have an extremely sensitive immune system, owing to the fact that their bodies are still developing and adapting to their surroundings. As a result, even slightly impure and contaminated water is likely to cause serious health problems in children. This not only has an impact on the children's growth and development, but it also hinders their learning. Schools, being well aware of this fact, must ensure that the drinking water provided to students by commercial water purifiers is pure and safe for consumption.

Schools must practice basic hygiene, such as keeping classrooms clean, providing clean and pure drinking water, and practicing proper sanitation. Drinking water has a direct impact on student's health and well-being; therefore, every school must have a RO commercial water purifier installed on their premises.

4. Problems associated with current water purification methods

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important for students, which is why many schools have taken the initiative to provide safe drinking water to their students by installing RO commercial water purifiers in their institutes. This ensures that all students have easy access to water, which helps to keep dehydration at bay.

The current water purification method (RO commercial water purification) used by schools, however, is not as effective as it appears. The reason for this is that there is no way to determine the quality of water provided by these because they are not monitored 24/7

There might be some hidden challenges that go unnoticed for an extended period of time, such as bacterial build-up caused by the membranes not being cleaned on a regular basis. Furthermore, traditional RO commercial water purifiers do not eliminate all pathogens in the water.

As a result, how can schools effectively address these issues while ensuring that students have access to pure and clean water at all times? What is the solution? The solution is simple and clear: switch to Internet Water. Read this blog to learn how IoT (Internet of Things) can help schools obtain the purest water possible.

Read this blog to know how IoT (Internet of things) can help schools get the purest of water.

5.) Cloudtap: Internet Water -  Advanced Purification For Pure water.

A commercial water purification solution with a 24x7 monitoring ability that reports real-time purity and performance is very helpful. At Cloudtap, we harness the power of the Internet to get schools the purest water. Due to “real-time” monitoring, we are immediately notified of abnormalities in the commercial water purification system. This ensures complete purity with zero downtime! AI crunches the data which is collected through IoT and Cloudtap engine acts as a facilitator for all water purification activities.

Any diseases caused due to viruses, bacteria, and other invisible pathogens can be kept at bay. Finally, a well-functioning commercial water purifier powered by the Internet is of great help as it eliminates doubts from the mind of the school authorities. This way school-going children not only get clean drinking water but absolutely pure water.

Each and every drop out of the commercial water purifier will be pure with the help of IoT and AI. In addition to this, Cloudtap’s unique PRISM technology is the game changer as it can deliver pathogen-free water 24x7. This means diseases like cholera, typhoid, and other gastronomical diseases can be prevented.

With the power of the Internet and AI, it has become possible to monitor water quality 24x7 and report purity and performance in real-time. In this age of technology, supreme powers like IoT and AI can help schools get access to safe drinking water. Cloudtap uses round-the-clock internet-monitored water purification plants which combine multiple purification processes including reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet treatment (UV).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) -powered technology can bring certainty in every drop of water purified. To help AI get intelligent data that it can crunch and analyze, Cloudtap -  a commercial water purifier is fitted with intelligent sensors that monitor critical operating parameters in real-time so that the purest water is delivered to schools always. For the very first time, it is possible to remotely monitor water quality and purity of all internet-connected (Cloudtap) installations using its centralized dashboard from the palm of the hand! To further ensure 100% purity, Cloudtap’s distinct PRISM™ technology scans the water before it is out of the outlet. This technology makes sure each drop of water is the purest and pathogen-free.


As schools move forward with caution and welcome students back, both preparedness and the ability to evolve are essential. Continuing to encourage hand washing, using sanitizer, installing a commercial water purifier, and wearing masks will be part of the new school year, as well as social distancing as much as possible. With Cloudtap – Internet water, you can be confident that pathogen-free water will flow continuously throughout your facility. Furthermore, by switching to Internet water, you are protecting not only the health of your students but also the health of your school staff, reducing sick leave and increasing productivity.

So, contact us if you want to incorporate Internet Water into your school reopening process!

- Written By Anushri Jain

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