Importance of Drinking Water in Schools

June 20, 2020

With the recent spread of diseases that are threatening human life globally, there are many factors out of our control. However, one factor that we can control is the quality of water, ensuring that schools and other establishments can offer pure and safe drinking water to all. Schools, in particular, should ensure that clean and pure drinking water is available for students 24/7. This will help keep many health-related risks at bay.

Also, most children have a sensitive immune system and as such, one can’t stress enough about the importance of having safe drinking water in schools. Thus, let’s look at why water is important for students and how Cloudtap is a superior choice compared to traditional RO commercial water purifiers when it comes to providing students ‘safe drinking water’ devoid of all contaminants and pathogens.

A] Why is Water Important For Students?

  • Water Helps Boost the Immune System

    As mentioned above, most children have a sensitive immune system which makes them vulnerable to infections and other diseases. A weak immune system is one of the reasons why most children fall sick so often, which could affect their studies. Thus, one of the best ways to boost their immune system is by ensuring that they are drinking enough water. Water helps to naturally eliminate toxins from the body and other disease-causing bacteria. It helps pump oxygen throughout the body (blood cells, organs and tissues), thereby improving bodily functions. It also helps keep the eyes, mouth and skin moist. Thus, in short, water helps make kids immune system stronger, which helps them to fight-off potential germs that are always present around.
  • Drinking Water Improves Brain Function

    Here’s an interesting fact; our brain is about 75% water. That’s right! Many studies suggest that being adequately hydrated ensures the brain functions optimally. For students, it means greater clarity and focus, enabling them to think and absorb lessons faster while improving their concentration levels. Water also helps boost long term and short term memory, which helps students to easily recall what they have learned. More importantly, water helps prevent attention deficit disorder in children, thereby helping them increase their attention span, which is another reason why drinking more water is important.
  • Water Helps Boost Energy

    Some of the negative effects of not drinking enough water are daytime fatigue, lethargy and headaches. This can greatly impact students performance in school. Students who don’t drink enough water also get tired very easily and may feel drowsy, which can affect their concentration level. Thus, one can easily tackle all of the problems by simply ensuring that students are drinking/sipping on water throughout the day, which can help boost energy. One of the new trends that have been largely adopted by schools all over is the ‘water bell initiative’. Here, school authorities ring water bell at regular intervals, ensuring that students drink plentiful water during schools hours. This has created more awareness among the school kids about the importance of drinking more water.
  • It Helps Ward-Off Dehydration

    Chronic dehydration is one of the common problems among school-going children. It affects not only their physical and emotional health but also their cognitive functioning. From mood swings to decrease in alertness & concentration, there is a correlation between dehydration and mental health. Likewise, mild or severe dehydration can cause urinary infection or kidney stones among kids. The reason why you should drink more water is that it helps ward-off dehydration and health-risks associated with it. Also, well-hydrated students can deal with stress effectively, keeping depression at bay, and all this contributes towards positive overall health and well-being.

B] How Much Water Do Students Need?


Since each kid is unique, their daily water requirements differ. There is no fail-safe way to estimate how much water a child needs or how much they should drink in a day. However, there are a few factors such as age, weight and sex that can help determine the average daily water intake a child needs.

According to one study, based on their age and gender, children need to drinking;

Age Range Gender Total Water (Cups/Day)
4 to 8 years Girls and Boys 7
9 to 13 years Girls 9
Boys 10
14 to 18 years Girls 10
Boys 14

C] What Are The Current Water Purification Methods Schools Are Using to Provide Their Students "Safe Drinking Water"?


For students, staying hydrated throughout the day is important and for this reason, many schools have taken the initiative of offering their students safe drinking water by installing RO commercial water purifiers in their institutes. This ensures easy availability of water to all students, which helps keep dehydration away.

However, the current water purification method (RO commercial plant) used by schools are not as effective as they seem. The reason being there is no way to determine the quality of water provided by these as they are not monitored 24/7.

There might be hidden problems that often go undetected for an extended period such as bacterial build-up, which is the result of the membranes not being cleaned regularly. Also, traditional RO commercial water purifier doesn’t kill all pathogens present in the water.

Thus, how can schools effectively deal with these issues while ensuring that pure and clean water is available for students at all times? What is the solution? The solution is simple; switching to Internet Water. Read this blog to know how IoT (Internet of things) can help schools get the purest of water.

D] Why Cloudtap is The Superior Choice to a traditional RO Commercial Water Purifier?


Most of the water challenges that schools face while using traditional RO commercial water purifiers for their institute can be effectively resolved by switching to Cloudtap. Cloudtap - Internet Water. is an advanced water purification technology that offers you complete peace of mind by assuring 100% purity in every single drop.

  • It makes use of the power of IoT and AI to monitor water 24/7, offering you real-time information on the purity of water.
  • It uses the unique PRISM technology, which helps scan the water, ensuring pathogen-free water at all times, thereby preventing many diseases.
  • It offers you a combine purification process of RO+UV, which makes it an excellent choice compared to ordinary RO water purifiers.
  • What’s more, Cloudtap ensures interrupted safe drinking water in schools by guaranteeing zero downtime, as its AI-based deep learning algorithms help predict potential breakdowns even before they occur.

Cloudtap can also help lighten the burden of initial investment and recurring maintenance costs, as it works on a subscription-based model without any CAPEX. Plus, you don’t have to invest in spares and consumables, as these are already covered in the subscription.




Now that we have discussed the importance of water quality in schools and why drinking more water is essential for the overall health and well-being of students, it is time for the concern school authorities to make the right decision that will help safeguard the health of their students in the long run.

With Cloudtap, you can be assured of the continuous flow of pathogen-free water in your institute. It can detect problems before it becomes a major hassle, so there is never an issue of not getting enough water that is safe and pure for drinking.

Besides, by making the switch to Internet water, you are not only protecting the health of the students but also your school staff, thereby reducing sick leaves and enhancing productivity.

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