September 7, 2021

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Water is fundamental to life, but did you know that it also plays a crucial role in commercial kitchens? Besides altering the taste of food and drink, poor water quality can affect the performance of equipment. Untreated water and mineral deposits can wreak havoc on the internal workings of beverage dispensers, ice machines, steamers, and dishwashers. Whether you run a small coffee shop or a huge industrial kitchen, it’s important to have a robust commercial water purifier in place. From the taste of your coffee to the appearance of your bartender’s perfectly blended margarita, from your steamer and combination oven to your ice machine – nearly everything is touched by the quality of your water. Hence it’s important for commercial kitchens to have a good commercial water purification system.

Unique flavor sets a brand apart in the food and beverage industry, and commercial water purifiers help restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops accomplish this goal. Purified water is critical to the art and science behind great fare and brews. Just like spices, salt, or sugar, water is a key ingredient that can influence the flavor and quality of food and drink. Water quality plays an essential role in the customer experience. For example, if the tap water at a restaurant smells of chlorine or if customers experience odd-tasting coffee, it can impact the brand’s reputation. When unwanted minerals and other contaminants are removed from the water in the right proportion, customers can enjoy deliciously consistent cuisine and beverages and have an overall positive and healthy dining experience.

Access to clean drinking water is a human right, however, providing safe drinking water to India’s teeming millions is a challenge of no small proportion. According to a report by WaterAid, an international organization working to provide water sanitation and hygiene, more than 80 percent of India’s surface water is polluted. Waste and industrial effluents are dumped into rivers, seas, and lakes. Agricultural run-offs that contain pesticides and fertilizers, road run-off, industrial leaks, and the most horrific, untreated sewage flow into water bodies. The FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s rules explicitly educate the restaurant owners to utilize safe water, that is, water free from any defilement, toxins, or chemical threat for every one of its processes including the utilization of ice, as solidifying does not expel poisons from water. In this manner, water for drinking, cooking, and making ice and refreshments must be of a certain quality too.

Setting Your Customer’s Expectations with Commercial Water Purifiers

Establishing a trustworthy and reliable reputation for your restaurant comes from delivering high-quality meals and providing an overall pleasant experience for your customers. In the restaurant business, customer satisfaction is in the details, from the dining room’s aesthetics to the chef’s signature dish. One small detail that may often be overlooked is the quality of the water used to prepare food and drinks. When water is clean, clear, and free of contaminants, customers might not even realize why their soda is fresh, their dishes are clean, and their ice is crystal clear. They will notice, however, if the water is less than pure, resulting in foggy ice, flat soda, or even a metallic taste to their favorite dishes. These details matter and an effective restaurant water filtration system can help.

Everyone knows that first impressions are a critical phase of your customer’s culinary experience. Upon arriving at your venue, you’ve already drawn them in with your careful placement of foodservice flair. Maybe you have a rustic ambiance with a central fireplace. Maybe the high-energy, friendly atmosphere of a 1950’s diner is more your style. Customers get their first taste of cuisine from a glass of water. The first “taste” of your restaurant will be the first sip of water while they review your menu. And customers always notice the water. Is the water ice cloudy? Does it taste like iron-laced hard water? Or is the water ice clear and refreshing? So what, it’s just a glass of water, right? Wrong. It sets the stage for everything after. The taste of the coffee, the taste of a mixed drink from the bar, the visual appeal of ice in the pricy drink they just ordered. All of which, if it looks and tastes great, a customer is happy to pay for and then ask for more.

How Can Commercial Water Purifiers help in Improving Water Quality?

First and foremost, when scouting a location for your restaurant, bar, or food truck, don’t skip out on testing the water. Test for bacteria. Check for Lead. Test for hardness and dissolved solids. If you have your water tested before moving into a new location, you’ll be ahead of the game. Maybe your water quality test will come back with flying colors. At least you’ll know and can decide if you need to mitigate any issues before installing your equipment.

Once you’ve determined the water quality levels are at manageable levels, you can begin looking for commercial water purifiers if necessary. These are not only designed to improve the look and taste of your water. Commercial water purifiers help mitigate harmful scaling in affected foodservice equipment. This keeps your warranty intact and equipment operational longer between maintenance windows.

More often than not, it’s much cheaper to properly maintain equipment rather than wait for it to break down. And installing appropriate commercial water purifiers costs far less than a new combination oven. And there’s profit to be had when a happy customer takes a sip from their first glass of water and then orders appetizers to go with a top-shelf drink made with perfect ice.

Typical Problems faced while using Traditional Purification Systems

1. Uncertainty about the Purity of Water

With commercial RO water purification systems, there is no way to guarantee the levels of water purity. RO systems do not aid in the total removal of pathogens, and clogged RO membranes can cause terrible taste and foul odor in addition to breeding dangerous pathogens within the membrane.

  1. Fluctuating TDS levels

Another issue with RO systems is their inability to deal with fluctuating T DS levels in water owing to mixed water supply sources. The problem is compounded when a restaurant company has multiple sites, making it impractical to check purity and TDS levels across multiple locations. It is critical to understand that changing TDS levels in water have a direct impact on the taste of foods and beverages provided in that establishment.

  1. Water Wastage

Likewise, varying TDS levels also lead to unnecessary water wastage, like irrespective of whether or not the water warrants the usage of RO, traditional RO plants continue to be used as a one size fits all option.

  1. High Cost of Investment and Ongoing Maintenance Costs

Traditional RO plants come with a high cost of investment and require you to have a considerable budget to cover maintenance costs over the years. Not only is this a burden for most businesses, especially start-ups, but also frequent breakdowns could lead to delays and unplanned expenses, which result in tangible and intangible losses for the business owner.


The solution to the problem of inconsistent water quality especially for the restaurant and foodservice business is Cloudtap –Internet Water, which harnesses the combined power of AI (Artificial intelligence) and the Internet to help restaurants with smart water management in line with digital changes sweeping the world.

Cloudtap – a commercial water purifier is a revolutionary approach to water purification brought to you by AlfaaUV, the pioneers and leaders in water and air disinfection solutions.

Cloudtap offers a simple but highly technical solution that combines various water purification technologies to always guarantee safe drinking water.  The combination of assured purity, no downtime, and online monitoring 24x7, make it a unique and path-breaking idea offering financial viability and complete peace of mind to the business owner.

At the heart of Cloudtap- a commercial water purifier is an extensive purification process that is extensively powered by technology. It ensures that customers get the cleanest water possible without ever having to doubt its quality.  In these days of water-saving awareness drives, digitally-driven commercial water purifiers ensure that the right technology is used for water purification, reducing water wastage to a large extent.

With Cloudtap, restaurants, foodservice outlets, and cloud kitchens can be assured of a 24/7 uninterrupted supply of pure and consistent water, which will ensure optimum hygiene and clean and consistent water across all outlets. Since Cloudtap incorporates RO +UV processes along with sensor technology, it is possible to set water quality to pre-determined TDS levels, irrespective of the input quality, so that the taste and safety of foods and beverages are never compromised. Internet Water, being a smart water purification method helps reduce water wastage, by automatically switching to UV when the TDS level is low. This helps you save thousands of liters of water every day, which aids in water conservation.

During these uncertain times, Cloudtap – the best commercial water purifier will help restaurants and cloud kitchens to maintain consistency in food by providing pathogen-free, clean, and pure water 24x7 so that restaurants and Cloud kitchens can deliver the best quality food to their consumers.

As you could see, investing in a commercial water purifier for your restaurant can significantly enhance your services and the way your customers see you. Whether you own a cafe, restaurant, or bar, quality should always come first, so why wouldn’t you start at the simplest thing, water? To know more about how Cloudtap can help your business, please give us a call on +91-9321005309 or write to us: crm@cloudtap.in

- Written By Anushri Jain

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